Good things always happened at the right time when I was going through bad situations. My rough upbringing and poverty aside, I had friends to help me out when I needed them. I hung out with ____ and ____, and my exposure to them gave me confidence with women, of whom I was very shy.

I typically felt vulnerable around females, but my friends were full of confidence and humor, and I began to emulate them. It’s funny, though, now that I look back on that time. Those same friends, always led by their sexual desires, are now fathers of children and have no jobs. I loan them money from time to time, while I use my head for business to take care of my own family.

Apparently, charm is not enough to make it in life.


Non-fiction (self-help)

(hair care excerpt)

“Everything in moderation” definitely applies to hair care. If you notice your hair becoming dry and brittle, likely you’ve been overdoing applications of heat (curling iron, flat iron, blow dryer, etc). Or, the chemicals in your shampoo or conditioner are too strong.

There are many videos, blogs, and books out there about hair care, what to do and how. In the end analysis, however, it comes down to what works best for you. It may take some experimentation with different things until you find the right combination, but that’s okay. Time, patience and a spirit of adventure will give you the healthy hair you desire.

Try to eat as healthy a diet as possible, drink lots of water, and sleep well. Exercise is important, too. Think holistically, as mental and physical health are always intertwined.


Fiction (contemporary)

“Darlings!” she gushed, rushing forward in a cloud of expensive perfume to hug us both and blow air kisses over our cheeks.

____ pushed her away and slapped her across the face. Even I was surprised at that. “Don’t you ever touch me again, ____. You don’t get to come in here and act as if you never left us in this house to pursue your own selfish agenda. I despise you.”

I was too shocked to say anything. ___ had always been the calm, sweet one between the two of us. To see her react this way…she must have been harboring some deep-seated resentment for the last twenty years, not that I could blame her.

“___! How could you do that to me? I’m your mother,” ___ pleaded, her hand on her cheek as she looked over at me for support.

“I have nothing to say to you, so don’t expect me to come to your aid. You abandoned us a long time ago. I should be surprised that you’re here, but somehow, I’m not. Bottom feeders need to stick together, don’t they?” I looked between ___ and ___. “I assume you’ve kept in contact with each other all these years, in hopes that there might be something in it for you? Both of you?”

I shook my head at the woman I refused to call mother out loud. “You disgust me.” I turned to address

____, who had been watching the proceedings like a snake charmer. “Can we get this over with, please? I have other places to be.”

“Absolutely, ____. If everyone would take a seat, please.” He gathered papers together, while I sat next to _____, who was still glaring daggers at ____. ____ chose to stand by the door. ___, to her credit, sat as far away from us as possible. Smart woman.

___ cleared his throat. “Your father’s will was delivered to me by courier the day he died. I have confirmed that it is his handwriting, and that it did indeed come from him. I’ll read it, shall I?”


Fiction (contemporary romance)

I loved my husband, but today he was driving me nuts.

“___!” I was trying to find the car keys. We shared the Toyota, so there was a tacit agreement to keep the keys in the same place, the better to be found. But not today. The hook beside the refrigerator was empty.

“Where the hell are the keys?” I couldn’t be late for work today. I had a presentation.

“The keys for what, hon?” Ever clueless was he.

“The car! What else?” Frustrated, I stalked down the hall toward our shared bathroom.

“I’m going to be late. Where are they?” ___ looked at me in the bathroom mirror.

“Oh snap! Sorry, baby. They’re in my coat pocket in the closet where we keep the winter stuff. You know, the black one?”

“Yeah, I know. Sweetheart, you gotta try to remember to put them back on the hook, okay?” Turning around, I rushed to the closet beside the laundry room and found the keys where he said they were.

He was standing at the front door when I got there, looking sheepish. Raising his hands to my shoulders, ___ pulled me close and said, “Baby, forgive me? I’ll try harder, okay? You know how much I love you.” Damn those big, brown eyes.

And then? He gave me the kiss.

Damn him! He knew I was a sucker for his soul-melting, wetness-inducing lips, the kind that made me want to forget I had to make a presentation that was possibly worth millions for my company in less than half an hour and jump his sexy bones.

The sudden slickness between my thighs brought me back to the present. I realized he was pressed up against the door, my right leg hooked over his left thigh and his hands on my ass, urging me on.

“Stop it, stop it,” I said, putting him at arm’s length so I could catch my breath. “Fine, I forgive you.” Catching my breath, I stepped further away, straightened my pants suit and patted my hair, hoping it was still smooth in the bun I had forced it into this morning. Thick, curly hair could be a bitch to tame sometimes.

“I love you, it’s your turn to cook, and I gotta go.” He moved away from the door and opened it for me, patting my butt as I left. Unable to resist, I turned back to give him a last peck on his luscious lips and ran. I thought I heard a chuckle from behind the closing door on my way out.

Oh, he was gonna pay for that.


Fiction (contemporary romance, gay)

When I got home at noon, I threw my stuff in the back of the closet in my bedroom and went back to the living room to collapse on the couch. I was too shell-shocked to think about anything. I’d been complaining last weekend—if only to myself—about living a humdrum existence, and now I didn’t even have that.

What I needed right now was something to take my mind away from the harsh reality of my circumstances. The mystery caller from Saturday night popped into my head, for some reason. I checked the clock on the wall over the TV. It was too early to try calling him on the phone, and I didn’t know what he did for a living. Maybe he worked nights.

He’d probably think I was crazy, but what did I have to lose? It was either him or someone else. But I needed to get reamed good by somebody, and soon. I waited until eight o’clock that evening before dialing his number.

“You didn’t delete my digits,” was the first thing he said. I could hear the smile in his voice, and he sounded just as sexy as he did the last time we spoke.

“You must think I’m nuts,” I replied, nibbling on a cuticle.

“No more than anybody else out there. Why the call?”

“I needed a distraction in the worst way, and for some reason, you came to mind,” I said. “Maybe it’s because I don’t know you that well, and you have nothing to judge me by.”

“I can work with that. How about this? I’m heading over to Spank Me right now. Meet me there in half an hour?”

“Done. My name’s ____, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you, ___. Mine’s _____. I’ll be wearing a red short-sleeved shirt over a black T-shirt, and black jeans. I’ll have a purple bandana hanging out of my back pocket, and I’ll be hanging out at the bar.”

“Looking forward to it, ___. I’m blond with blue eyes, five feet ten inches tall, and I’ll be wearing a green T-shirt with a “Just Do It” logo, and blue jeans. Thanks for meeting me. I know it must seem kind of strange.”

“It’s my pleasure, and just think of it as a blind date, if that will make you feel better,” ___ replied. “See you in a bit.”

He hung up, and I got ready to go.

Fiction (contemporary romance, lesbian)

It was lunch time, and ______, one of my good friends at the bookstore, hung out with me at one of the tables in the food court. We were having egg rolls and fried rice with egg drop soup.

“Why the long face, _____?” she asked after taking a bite of her egg roll. ____ was a single mom, an older woman whose only daughter was a lesbian. We’d hit it off right away when she’d started working at the bookstore last year. “___ give you a hard time again on the bus?”

“___? No more than usual. Do I seem down to you?” I queried, wiping my mouth on a napkin and adjusting my glasses. I hadn’t thought it would be that obvious.

“Well, yeah. You’re usually real friendly with the customers, but today, I haven’t seen one sign of that lovely smile of yours. Not a hint of those pretty white teeth. What gives?”

I cracked a smile. “I have pretty teeth? Really?”

“Honey, you should be glad you still have your teeth, and they’re in good condition. I can’t tell you how many teeth I’ve had to cap, or the root canals…don’t get me started. But, back to the question. What’s wrong, honey?”

“It’s nothing. Just relationship stuff.” I took a sip of my soup.

“Is it ____? What happened? Is she bugging you to go to the clubs again?”

“Worse than that. She broke up with me last night. Basically said I was cramping her style. I mean, I knew it was coming, but still.” Shocked, _____ dropped the egg roll on her tray.

“Sweetheart, I’m so sorry. What a bitch! I know you wanted to make this work. And it’s too soon for me to say this, I know, but she wasn’t the one for you. I think it’s a good thing. Don’t give up hope, though. She’s out there, the right girl who’ll love you just the way you are, books, board games, and all.” ____ gave me a gentle smile.

“Maybe she is, maybe not. I don’t know anymore. I think I’ll take a break from all the emotional crap and chill for a while.” I went back to my soup.

“You do that, hon. You’re more than worth it. If I were into women, and a lot younger, I’d be all over you.”